Clicks and Bricks: How Do Digital Promotions Impact In-Store Traffic?

Day 2 – June 1, 2022

11:55 am

- 12:40 pm


Michael Scida

Director, Retail Business Development

Environics Analytics

Catherine Laporte

Vice President, Marketing

Lowe’s Canada

Curious to understand the impact digital promotions have on in-store traffic? Environics Analytics (EA) recently partnered with Lowe’s Canada to take an in-depth look at the outcomes of a few of their most recent digital promotions. In this session, EA will examine the digital savviness of Lowe’s Canada’s customers to understand how responsive they are to online promotions and will measure the impact on Lowe’s Canada’s website and a specific store location, comparing pre-, during- and post-visit counts and segments. Discover how this analysis is providing Lowe’s Canada with a more complete understanding of which customers segments and promotions drove in-store traffic and whether or not their digital promotions were reaching their key client segments.

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