Research shows that only 29% of direction sent to stores by corporate headquarters is correctly executed by store teams. This means that a brand’s initiatives aren’t effectively coming to life in stores: marketers, merchandisers and communications teams are wasting time planning for campaigns and programs that will never be accurately implemented. Zipline enables next-day field execution. Everything store teams need to do – tasks, assessments, checklists, and more – goes into a single platform, and Zipline serves everything up in an easy-to-digest, targeted way that helps teams get more done in less time. With Zipline, teams at headquarters can make a last-minute decision (to launch a promotion, pull a product from the sales floor, change a display, etc.) and because teams in the field know exactly where to go to get the information they need to do their jobs, the likelihood that they execute on that direction the very next day is well above 90%.